Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Acts of Peace and Kindness I Could do as a Gift

Posted by Mharj Malanog at 11:53 PM
The acts of peace I could do as a gift is to love everyone rather than to hate them. I will also encourage them  to attend mass every sunday or even pray every day and every night. I will discourage those people who loves war so that they will end it as not their hobby anymore beacause people who loves war, is surely the one who has no peacefulness in his/her heart.
The acts of kindness I could do as a gift is to help any grand elders specially when crossing on the road through guiding and helping them to carry what they are carrying. Another acts of kindness I could do are helping my humanhood whenever they need help, helping my parents in the household chores and most of all  comforting anyone to overpass their heavy problems so that they can breath well together with happiness.


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